Friday, January 19, 2007

Rosie, The Donald, Fussin' and Feudin'

I don't really want to get into the feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell but I can't let it simply pass by without some comment. While the immediate fallout is more publicity for both stars' television shows, it's been interesting to watch each member as they conduct themselves whilst it plays out.

If my chronology is correct, it was Rosie who attacked The Donald, first, passing judgment on his decision to allow one of his own employees (Miss USA Tara Connor) to retain her title after some adverse publicity . Using the broadest sense of the term "employee" of Mr. Trump, if he is the owner of the pageant and all public relations activities that take place, that winner is in the employ of Mr. Trump during the year of her reign.

I don't disagree with Rosie's (or, anyone's) right to comment but she is the one that brought it down to peckish childish behavior by attempting to impersonate and demean Mr. Trump's hair style and manner of speaking. (As an aside, I did notice that Ms. O'Donnell has been making her own hair more attractive since the feud started.) This was somehow supposed to validate her remarks; but, it simply made her look foolish and attention-grabbing, to me.

Any employer has the right to decide whether or not an employee remains within their organization after carefully reviewing what detrimental effect, if any, the employee's behavior would have to the company, should they remain employed. Reigning queens, whether beauty pageant or country leader, are expected to behave in an exemplary way, like it or not, as they represent much more than themselves.

After carefully reviewing Ms. Connor's behavior, Mr. Trump decided she could retain her title and continue representing the USA, as long as she received help for her alleged drug and alcohol abuse, which was made readily available to her. Rosie likened her behavior to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's public debacles. Excuse me? -- as if the two were the same situation.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are not representing the United States with their public appearances, they are simply two young women who happen to be the daughters of very wealthy people raised without proper guidelines and scruples. (In contrast, Mr. Trump's children exhibit class, intelligence, and a true regard for what their position in life means, setting a wonderful example for our own children.)

In watching The View since Rosie's arrival, it appears as though she thinks this is her show and the others are her windowdressing. Almost every remark made is self-aggrandizing and meant to generate even more personal publicity. Team participation seems foreign to her and is lacking in most of the discussions. In truth, she is so strident, I'm often compelled to find another channel, just to get away from her noise.

I would suggest that she mind her own business, but that is simply not within her character. Since, with the networks, it's all about the money, it would be fruitless to hope she doesn't get her own television program. I prefer my talk show hosts having some semblence of class and that's a hands-down win for Ellen DeGeneres, any day of the week.

Bottom line, I'm sure that for as long as both of them have shows on television, they will find a way to keep the publicity fires burning. But, for this particular feud, I'm with The Donald.


Yvonne Perry said...

Doesn't the world love chaos? So it seems. The worse a crime the bigger the headline and it's no different when one celeb verbally attacks another one.

Matthew C. Keegan said...

Does anyone else think that this entire fracas is nothing but one big publicity stunt? Regardless, it has generated more news than what I care to hear about these personalities.