Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bringing It All Together

It's been coming for some time. After my server crash, it was time to rethink and break down the big site and create more focused ones for the creative interests. This blog will cover all new things happening, along with observations, and a reprint of older blogs that fit with current news. There'll be news about what's happening at http://www.thepenmanship.com/, http://www.creativehandz.com/, and www.StariaMelodies.com

I'm definitely not one for New Year's resolutions. Too much stress and I still have too much trouble trying to locate my glasses, much less the list. (No, it would be too long to commit to memory!) Besides, I invariably let myself down by the third week and start chopping at the list and, well, it's too personally humiliating to face my failings so soon into the new year.

But, if you've got some really great plans, you've got my congratulations and best wishes for staying committed -- at least, through Valentine's Day!

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Sean Carter said...

Welcome back and have a great year ahead...and also do stop by my blog sometime and share your thoughts there as well..