Monday, January 22, 2007

Bathing Suit Fiasco on Apprentice

Okay. The less said about this show, the better. Unless something truly outstanding occurs on this season's Apprentice, I'm just going to do little dribs and drabs. My dribs and drabs for today is the creation of a bathing suit line task. Nice little reality show overview here.

Back to the bathing suit. I don't think a team member from either side should have been involved in modeling during their task. This year's Apprentice is showing less strategizing with real leadership initiative than previous years, and I would have preferred that the teams have others do the modeling, while they focused on creating the best presentation. (Am I wrong or are the teams not getting any budget money for tasks, this year?)

I'm still not sure why Donald fired Carey, whether for lack of business acumen or Carey's incredible body displaying the bathing suit to its best advantage. My biggest problem with Carey is his agenda seemed more self-promotion than teamwork participation. Donald spent so much time attacking the colors of the suit, rather than the cut, that I simply became confused as to just why he was firing him. Even replaying the moment hasn't helped. I just missed it and will have to go to the network for a breakdown.

I'm missing a lot from this year's show. I'm missing the professionalism, the decisions made as a result of solid team discussion, and a general lack of a willingness to take charge. I've spoken to the tent issue, and I simply won't go there, anymore. I miss -- well, I just miss the initial premise of The Apprentice before Trump went Hollywood.

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