Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tax Time Means Take a Break

It's been a hectic time and I've been spending most of the previous few weeks gathering together all of my tax information. I discovered the joy of filing my taxes online a few years ago and have been trying to get friends and family to do the same. But, they're a hard sell.

The biggest glitch, this year, because the 15th is on a weekend and, although the deadline has been extended to Monday night for the federal return, my state actually gives us until midnight on Tuesday. In either case, my only problem is seeing to it that my taxes are filed on time and then let my online tax service to forward them. Within seconds, I should get my confirmation numbers for both federal and state taxes, and then go back to the business of gardening and getting myself ready for Leatherheads and George Clooney.

If I had a brain in my head, I would have filed shortly after being sent my reminder to file my taxes by my service back in January. Of course, like so many, I'm right under the wire.

For those of you who plan to use an extension of time, this would be a good time to get it already and surprise both federal and state governments with an early filing of your extension. Happy taxes.

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