Saturday, February 03, 2007

February - Planting and Planning

February has brought the cold and wind to NC and lots of garden planning to take advantage of a full 10-month growing pattern. All my seeds have arrived and it's lasagna gardening, all the way!

Have finished my two planned beds (4'x12') in just under three hours for the first 12" of layering using the lasagna method and should finish the rest over the next few days. They're predicing a real drop in temperature, so I want to get these layers really wet to start the breakdown.

Once my camera arrives, I'll post some sequential pix on the website and post just one or two, here. Still have to create my trellises. The back copse of trees has provided me with all kinds of wonderful trellis materials and planting pots! And, still carted away about 2400 pounds of debris off to the dump!

When finished, all the different trellises and 5-gallon buckets will be painted the same color of metallic bronze using my favorite of all paints Krylon Fusion . It covers and becomes a part of everything you spray it on, so it simply will not chip off plastics.

All the seeds that can go directly into the ground are being first set out on a single sheet of 12"x12" newspaper in their finished thinned placement and will be covered with a second sheet of newspaper that's been 'painted' with a very thin flour-paste solution. (The newspaper will keep down the weeds and ultimately become part of the soil; the paste will hold the seeds in position and will add nutrients to the soil, as well.) The benefit of this is that you can use the whole sheet for square-foot gardening or cut in strips for efficient placement in and around other plants. One 12"x12" sheet will hold 64 radishes, carrots, green onions -- well, you get the idea. BUT, you don't have to thin, just put in place and cover with a light mulch.

By the way, you don't ever want to leave the newsprint open to the air! It will become papier mache and take forever to disintegrate!

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